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Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Recognizes Ultrasound Staff

Hospital news | Friday, November 2, 2018

October is Medical Ultrasound Month and is held annually to create awareness of the role diagnostic medical sonographers play in the medical community and to educate the public about medical ultrasound and its many uses in healthcare. Sonographers, also called ultrasound technologists, have extensive knowledge of the human body and diseases. They move a handheld a device that uses high-frequency sound waves on the skin, which then produces images of various body parts. The images help healthcare providers diagnose and monitor a variety of conditions such as vascular and heart disease, pregnancy, cancer, and causes of pain such as gallstones or ovarian cysts. Shown in the photo are Claxton-Hepburnā€™s medical sonographers that work in radiology. Left to right are Coleen Lamere, Allison Elliott, Micheline Brouillette, Rachel Golden, Amber Bailey, and Colleen Casey. Your tomorrow is worth defending.