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Caduceus Society

Membership benefits

  • Tax deduction eligibility.
  • Special listing in foundation publications.
  • Listing on the yearly Caduceus Society plaque.
  • Membership in The Defenders Society.
  • Invitations to exclusive donor events.

Consider making a gift today and join the fight to defend more tomorrows. Every donation helps us provide you with the best possible tools and support so you can give your best to the residents of the North Country.

Caduceus Society 2018

  • Dr. G. Leigh Heiss
  • Dr. Manasvi Jaitly
  • Dr. Karen P. Kantor
  • Dr. Michael Oakley
  • Dr. Kome Oseghale
  • Dr. Michael S. Seidman
  • Dr. Ruben Smith
  • Dr. Noah Zuker