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Board of Directors

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Foundation

The board of directors is the governing body of the Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Foundation and assumes full legal authority and responsibility for the management of the foundation, its fiscal and fundraising operations, and the investment of its assets. The board promotes the purpose of the organization and ensures that it has sufficient resources to fulfill its goals. It is responsible for policymaking, but delegates responsibility for the management of the organization and staff to the executive director.

CHMC Foundation Board members ultimately ensure that the foundation meets its mission to provide financial support to the medical center and its not-for-profit affiliates by engaging the community, increasing philanthropic revenue and ensuring conscientious stewardship of the funds and resources placed in our care.

Board of Directors

  • Cathy C. Piché, Chair
  • William Flynn, Vice Chair
  • Courtney Bloodough
  • Sherin C. Cunningham
  • Mary Edwards
  • Darlene Liscum
  • Jane McGrath
  • Andrea Smith
  • Dr. Zvi Szafran
  • Donald Tebo

Term of Service

Three years.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for the organization and belief in the mission.
  • Stays informed through regular attendance of board meetings. Meetings are held once a month; board members are expected to attend 75 percent of the meetings.
  • Prepares for meetings by reviewing and commenting on minutes and reports as provided. Meeting agendas, minutes and related materials are provided one week before the meeting.
  • Actively listens and respectfully contributes to discussions on motions and other items during meetings.
  • Participates actively in the work of at least one committee.
  • Participates in the fundraising efforts of the foundation and makes a personally significant contribution on an annual basis.
  • Helps to open doors on behalf of the foundation to secure the financial, human, and political resources necessary to accomplish the organization’s mission and purposes.
  • Represents the organization at community events and functions to network and promote the foundation’s efforts.
  • Participates in the strategic planning that contributes to the advancement of the mission of the foundation.
  • Reviews budget proposals and monitors the annual budget.
  • Participates in the annual evaluation of the performance of the executive director.
  • As necessary, participates in the recruitment, screening, and appointment of a new executive director.
  • Adheres to policies pertaining to conflict of interest and confidentiality.
  • Publicly supports board decisions regardless of personal preferences.
  • Respects the unique and separate roles of staff and board.

Contact us if you're interested in becoming more involved with the Claxton-Hepburn community and learn more about being a Foundation Board Member here.