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Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Welcome New Provider

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Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Welcome New Provider

Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Aathi Thiyaga (Aathirayen Thiyagarajah), a board-certified physician in pain management, and physical medicine and rehabilitation to our Pain Management Practice located at 305 Main Street, Suite 200-300, Ogdensburg. He joins Dr. Juan-Diego Harris and Dr. Ross Dickstein. Dr. Thiyaga is accepting new referrals through your primary care provider. Call 315-394-6470 for more information.

Dr. Thiyaga began his pre-medical studies at Royal College in Colombo, Sri Lanka and went on to complete his medical studies at the North Colombo Medical College in Sri Lanka. After obtaining his medical degree, he pursued postgraduate training in the United States in general surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and completed a fellowship in pain management at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Thiyaga is board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, with subspecialty certifications in pain medicine and spinal cord injury medicine. He has won several awards and honors and has also published research.

Dr. Thiyaga brings a new approach to pain management at Claxton-Hepburn. He is working closely with primary care providers and the community, to ensure that patients suffering from chronic pain will be referred for pain management services at the onset of their chronic pain, not as a last treatment effort. Dr. Thiyaga stated, “I want providers and the community to know that we offer many pain treatment options that can be an alternative to medications and surgery, or delay surgical treatment and long term narcotic use, as these treatment modalities may not always be the best course of treatment for patients.”

Dr. Thiyaga continued, “Many times I can help people with spine pain to avoid surgery. I can treat people who have failed spine surgery for pain too.” He continued, “Pain management services should be consulted at the beginning of a patient’s pain process, not at the end when all other traditional treatment methods have failed.” Dr. Thiyaga focuses directly with the person suffering from chronic pain and utilizes a variety of measurements, interventions, and self-management strategies, designed to offer a complete pain management program, that includes assessment, treatment, communication, education, and follow up. Additionally, Dr. Thiyaga offers electrodiagnosis and minimally invasive pain relieving procedures as part of comprehensive pain management.

In Dr. Thiyaga’s free time he enjoys playing cricket and traveling. For more information about Dr. Thiyaga, visit us on the web at, or visit us on Facebook. Your tomorrow is worth defending.