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Clinical Affiliation

We are pleased to share news that strengthens Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center and means enhanced healthcare quality and access for people in our community.

Our board of directors has signed a clinical affiliation agreement with Crouse Health based in Syracuse. In a further positive step for our region, two other Northern New York hospitals, Carthage Area Hospital in Carthage and River Hospital in Alexandria Bay, announced similar agreements.

The clinical affiliation allows Claxton-Hepburn and the other hospitals to develop strong professional and clinical relationships with one another and Crouse Health, as well as its clinical affiliate, Northwell Health, the state's largest healthcare provider. The decision to partner with Crouse Health comes after careful consideration by the board of directors on the best way to strengthen the sustainability of Claxton-Hepburn and protect local care and local jobs in our community. Our affiliation formed with River Hospital in 2015 remains in effect.

Patients will gain access to specialized care and physicians through the hospitals participating in the agreement when needed, either in the hospital, in physician offices or through advanced telemedicine, which will be supported through Crouse Health's affiliation with Northwell Health. It eliminates unnecessary travel time or delays while enabling quality diagnosis and treatment.

The structure of this partnership preserves each hospital's local leadership and independent boards of directors to ensure that the local communities continue to have a voice in their local hospitals. Additionally, each partner will continue singular responsibility for assets, operations, liabilities, and budget.

To ensure there is no confusion, the agreement is not a merger or acquisition but instead allows each institution to strengthen patient services and share best practices. The agreement creates no changes for doctors, nurses, or support staff at Claxton-Hepburn or Crouse. Terms with organized labor are unaffected.

Healthcare throughout the country and here in New York state is rapidly changing. Our board and leadership are committed to sustaining and enhancing the services delivered by Claxton-Hepburn in this evolving environment. Affiliating with Crouse Health is the next step in achieving that goal. We look forward to experiencing the benefits of this agreement with you and the entire community.

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