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Children's Mental Health Unit

Inpatient psychiatry services for children and adolescents is a growing need in the North Country. At Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center, when we see a child or adolescent in the Emergency Department who requires more than outpatient care, we are forced to wait for an open space in one of the few hospitals in the state who offer inpatient children’s mental health. We recognize how challenging a child’s illness can be for the entire family, especially when parents cannot see or understand what’s wrong and there are so many factors that can influence a child’s emotions and behaviors. Childhood and adolescence are inherently challenging times, especially when children experience normal hormonal changes associated with growing up.

When children suffer from untreated anxiety, depression, or other behavioral health conditions, they can develop low self-esteem, perform poorly at school, have trouble with relationships, or struggle to reach their potential. The inpatient unit is specifically designed to meet the developmental and psychiatric needs of children and adolescents who require more than outpatient mental health services. This 12-bed unit will accommodate youth diagnosed with pediatric psychiatric disorders and will staff healthcare professionals trained to work in the field. The therapies and treatments provided at the Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Children’s Mental Health Unit will improve quality of life and outcomes for patients. Patients will receive individualized, evidence-based treatment while also attending classes, meeting with their families, and expressing themselves through supervised activities. It is expected that demand for the unit will be high, with over 3,500 patient days during the first year of operation.

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