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Financial issues can cause stress even when we are in the best of health. Paying for health care has gotten a lot more complicated over the last several decades. Unless it's your job to know the system, it's hard to understand all the rules and to know all the financial assistance opportunities for patients. Claxton-Hepburn is here to help you.

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No one will be denied services based on their ability to pay and discounts are available based on family size and income.

At Claxton-Hepburn, we have two full-time professional financial counselors who can help identify, assist and support our patients and their families who need financial assistance to pay for their medical care. This assistance includes assessing the patients' liability, linking patients to available government funding sources, and determining whether they are eligible for charity care or financial hardship treatment.

Patients requesting payment plans or financial hardship consideration are identified as early as possible in the registration/admission process so the necessary documentation, research, and approval can be completed before services are provided.

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