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Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center Recognize National Diabetes Month

Hospital news | Wednesday, November 6, 2019

November is National Diabetes Month. Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center encourages you to join the movement to stop diabetes. Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions. 25.8 million American children and adults have diabetes or 8.3% of the population. If the current trend continues, one in three children born today will face a future with diabetes.

Almost one-third of people with diabetes do not know they have the disease. If you have a family member with diabetes, are overweight, not active or have high blood pressure, you are at risk for diabetes. Find out if you or someone you love has diabetes. Talk with your health care provider today.

Get support. Every third Thursday of each month, the “Checkers” diabetes support group meets in Conference Room C from 4 to 5:00 p.m. It is an open and free forum for persons with diabetes and their family members to discuss concerns regarding diabetes. Individual education sessions are also available. For more information, call Karen Cole, RN, BSN, CDE, CWOCN, at 315-713-5181. Shown in the photo are members of Claxton-Hepburn’s Diabetes Management Team, Shannon VanHouse, RN, CWOCN, CDE, Elizabeth Kelley, RN, BSN, and Cole.