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Rekindle the Café

Time and heavy use have taken its toll on the space that means so much to so many. With your help, we can rekindle our café and provide healthier, more convenient options; improve throughput times; and update food service equipment.

When people are going through rough times, a good cup of coffee or meal with family, friends or co-workers can help provide a much-needed respite.

For CHMC, this is what the Cornerstone Café is: a dedicated place that gives our employees, patients and their families a warm, nourishing and familiar sanctuary during treatment.

It is also a place for the local community—from service organizations to area business associations—to gather and plan for the contributions they make to benefit the greater Ogdensburg area. With its easily recognizable location, quality food offerings and friendly staff, the Cornerstone is a hub for social interaction.

Whether in good times or bad, the Cornerstone Café is truly the cornerstone for the heart of the hospital: the community that uses it.

Help us Rekindle the Café