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Department contacts

Main hospital switchboard: 315.393.3600

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Department contacts

Updated: November 11, 2019


Rich Duvall, President and CEO 315.713.5237
Jennie Colburn, Executive Assistant 315.713.5237

Business development

Vicki Perrine, Vice President 315.713.5252
Jerry Sheppard, Director, Outpatient Growth & Development 315.713.5466

Cancer Center

Kay Zimmer, Director 315.713.6210


Julie Sciorra, Director 315.713.5187

Cardiopulmonary rehab

Gerry Hourihan, Coordinator 315.713.5641

Case management

Michael Beldock, Director 315.713.5232

Coding and physician billing

Jolene Rosenbarker, Director 315.713.5188


Kim Holmes, Director 315.713.5104

Connection for Women/Breast Health Center

Daniel Steele, Manager 315.713.6920


Cheryl Smith, Manager 315.713.5182

Emergency services

Julie Sciorra, Director 315.713.5187

Environmental services

Michele Wheeler, Manager 315.713.5037

Facilities management/Support services

William Nelson, Executive Director 315.713.5010


Kelley Tiernan, Chief Financial Officer 315.713.5350

Food services

Steven Hawes, Director 315.713.5058


Amanda Hitterman, Executive Director 315.393.9175

Human resources

Lou-Ann McNally, Executive Director 315.713.5260

Healthcare recruiter

Kim Stiles, Healthcare Recruiter 315.713.5243

Information systems

James Flood, Director 315.713.5281

Intensive care unit

Julie Sciorra, Nurse Manager 315.713.5187


Sheila Perrigo, Manager 315.713.5025


Ramona Kennedy, Manager 315.393.1559

Marketing and public relations

Laura Shea, Executive Director 315.713.5249

Medical records

Joanne Stopfel, Director 315.713.5126

Medical/surgical unit

Roberta Taylor, Nurse Manager 315.713.5268

Mental health services

Kim McKnight, Director 315.713.5208


Roberta Taylor, Nurse Manager 315.713.5426

Patient accounts

Diane Gilbert, Director 315.713.5151

Patient care services

David Ferris, Vice President/Chief Nursing Officer 315.713.5240

Patient financial counseling

Mary Ellen Judware, Director 315.713.5352


Gregory Guimond, Director 315.713.5680

Physician credentialing

Denise Palmer, Credentialing Coordinator 315.713.5245

Physician liaison

Amy Douglas, Physician Liaison 315.713.6703

Physician practice management

Beth Stemples, Executive Director 315.713.6622


Joanne Stopfel, Privacy 315.713.5126


Daniel Steele, Director 315.713.5186

Rehabilitation services (physical, occupational, speech therapies)

Erica Durant, Director 315.713.5660

Renal services

Richard Pandel, Nurse Manager 315.394.9718

Respiratory therapy

Julie Sciorra, Manager 315.713.5187

Risk management

Kim Holmes, Manager 315.713.5104

Surgical services

Kellie Bush, Nurse Manager, Operating Room 315.713.5397 | 315.713.5320

Wound healing center

Jamieka Rowe, Program Director 315.394.0426