Volunteer opportunities

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Volunteers are people of all ages and walks of life who offer their time and energy in the service of others. Volunteers step forward, carry out their assignments and touch the lives of those they serve in many positive ways. Their personal rewards are intangible and recognition modest; yet ask a volunteer why they serve, and you often hear some variation of "I'd like to make a difference."

Claxton-Hepburn welcomes enthusiastic individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. Being a hospital volunteer is truly an unselfish act. Volunteers hold patients' and families' hands, make phone calls and write letters. Some do clerical work. Others provide information and assistance. They all have one thing in common—they are volunteering their time for the benefit of others—and we thank them for that.

Volunteering has many advantages. It gives students an opportunity to gain experience for college or employment. It is also a way to accrue volunteer hours to meet community service requirements.

Interested in volunteering?

Download a printable version of the volunteer application. Mail completed application to Rondalyn Jacobs, Volunteer Coordinator (address at right).